Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cousin Camp 2007

Tons of muscle at the river bank

Daddy and Derek in the kids' parade

Grandpa and Derek at the creek

Finding sharks in Cool Whip

Racin' around the track.....

Courtney won this foot race!

I got soaked by my loving mother at the creek

Derek---6 months

Cousin Campers waiting for the parade to start

On our way to California, we stopped in Utah for Cousin Camp with everyone. We also made it in time for the town's Pioneer Day celebration and enjoyed the festivities they offered. Toni made up some fabulous games for all of the kids to play and Craig and Kevin introduced the kids to swimming in the creek. Grandma got her shoes filled with water and subsequently soaked me in my clothes and Derek was just plain cute. Ginny discovered that she loves to swim and is pretty good at it too. Carson discovered the interacting with his cousins was pretty fun, and Grandpa loved having all of the kids keep the chickens in line.

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