Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting Settled in California

We're slowing getting our house put together down here in California. Moving from a 2500 sq-ft home with a 2-car garage and lots of storage, into a 1500 sq-ft home with a 1-car garage and no storage makes for an interesting time. In the midst of unpacking, the kids at least put the boxes to good use ...

The pile of unpacked boxes also made for a good time ... kind of an Amsden version of "Where's Waldo"!

We've started exploring the central California coast by visiting Solvang (a small Dutch tourist town ~25 minutes away).

We made it out to Waller Park in Santa Maria which has an enormous duck pond. This is the same pond we brought Breanna to when she was Derek's age ... weird!

Breanna decided she'd like to try being in a play, auditioned for "Cinderella" and was picked to be a mouse. She was a little "cheesy" (hee hee).

Breanna has also decided to follow in her dad's footsteps (literally) by taking up climbing just about anything around.

Inevitably summer had to end, and the kids had to start school. Notice the fog that hangs out nearly every morning/night around here.

Last, but not least, as a welcoming to California, I got strep throat. Following a couple days of taking my penicillin, I made a discovery ... I'm ALLERGIC to penicillin! Behold my spots!

And there you have it. More pictures to come as we get out and explore (hopefully with less spots though)!