Friday, November 2, 2007

Courtney's 4th birthday

Courtney wanted a poofy purple dress like Breanna got for her birthday, so Grandma Seely stayed up a few nights and handcrafted this masterpiece.

For Courtney's birthday, she wanted a barbie birthday cake. So Kevin craftfully mastered the art of inserting a Barbie into a bowl cake and literally threw the spinkles at it to create the "splattered" effect. Thank you Lisa Brock for the use of your bowls and house!
Whew! We are at the end of our month long birthday celebration. It starts on September 22 and ends on October 15. Kevin and I take a deep long breath when the last party invitee leaves the last party. We miss you Owen family. This is the first birthday celebration year you have missed!

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Valeri said...

Kevin, will you fly out here in a couple weeks to make Chloe's birthday cake? That'd be great, thanks! :)