Friday, December 14, 2007

Our train trip to Santa Barbara

We took an Amtrak train down to Santa Barbara and had a great day as a family. The train station was right outside of Surf Beach in Lompoc. We arrived at the wharf in Santa Barbara and visited the Ty Warner Sea Center-- Our favorite creature there was the decorator crab. They had a center where we could feel sea cucumbers, starfish, decorator crabs and many other creatures of the ocean. After the sea center, we grabbed some pizza and took the local transportation down to the Santa Barbara Zoo-- Breanna was putting together an entry for the PTA Reflections program and got several great photos of the animals and we had a great time riding the train around and just having a relaxing afternoon. We got some Subway sandwiches and had dinner right before we had to catch the train back to Lompoc. It was a fabulous experience and we look forward to many more train rides up and down the Central Coast!

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