Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We have a winner! Vandenberg Pie Baking Contest

Our housing office hosted their first pie baking contest and lo and behold I prevailed! I baked an Apple Caramel Crumb Pie and I must say it was most delicious. I won a basket of Pampered Chef items that I am absolutely thrilled with and am itching to find a recipe for next year. If you would like a copy of the recipe, I would love to share it with you but you have to shoot us an email to let us know how you are doing. Who said blackmail is not an effective method of coercing people?


Becca said...

Do I really have to email you! Fine! I am glad that you won. The pie sounds delicious!!!! Hopefully you got some great pampered chef stuff to add to your collection.

Valeri said...

I want the recipe - so just post it already, would ya?

By the way, how'd the casserole turn out?

Jenni said...

Do you do mail order pie delivery? I'll take two, thank you. :-)

Just thought I'd check in again. Great to see your family!