Sunday, February 17, 2008

Children's artwork

As I was going through some paperwork this evening getting our taxes prepared (ugh!) I came across Breanna's rainbow picture. For whatever reason I have kept it for several months and have decided the best way to preserve it is scanned into my hard drive. I love children's artwork. They really express they way they are feeling at that moment and the thoughts they have running through their head.

Ryan drew a picture of our family at church today and I LOVED his phonemic spelling of Derek's (Derec) and Amy (Ame). Breanna and Courtney are in the picture as well but their names were too long to fit. Ryan is at that magical age where spelling is fun and he is starting to write out tons of words. Next to President Hinckley on the cover of our Conference Ensign he had a huge arrow pointing to his head and wrote "Emportnt" meaning Important. I love kids! They certainly keep me smiling and remembering the most essential things in life.


Topper said...

Well, it's a day of coincidences. I just hung some of my favorite child masterpieces up in my house, I have been watching/reading all sorts of Jane Austin since my Hubby has been gone, and I too am Elinor Dashwood. So there we have it, friends to the end. :)

Jody said...

I love the new look of your blog. The purple flowers are gorgeous.