Friday, March 14, 2008

Crestview's Jog A Thon

So I decided to be crazy and head up the PTA's Jog A Thon this year. We ran it on Wednesday and I must say I am absolutely hooked and will do it again next year. The amount of support I had from the principal, teachers and parents was astounding. It is the PTA's biggest fundraiser of the year bringing in over $10,000. Wowzers! There is nothing better than watching five Kindergarten classes running as fast as their little legs can carry them. At the beginning I had the megaphone and I would yell, "Are you ready Cougars?", and they would all scream and get so excited. It did my heart good (not to mention my legs). Breanna ran 21 laps and Ryan ran 19. Each lap was 1/10th of a mile. Go Landsharks! I think we might have found a sport that we can all do as a family! :)

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