Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our toothless wonder

So Ryan's two bottom teeth have been loose for a while and we have been encouraging him to wiggle them and help them come out especially since his adult teeth were coming in like sharks do and were behind his baby teeth. Pretty soon he had wiggled them enough so that they could bend 90 degrees but those little roots were still holding on. In church on Sunday Ryan comes up to me and says "Look Mom!" of course the thing is pretty much just hanging out of his mouth so I rush him up to his dad and he quickly pulls it out. Ryan then proceeds to pull the other one himself and he received his first visit from "Timmy the Toothfairy" on Sunday night. Way to go Ryan!


Valeri said...

That boy isn't old enough to be losing teeth yet, is he?

Ginet said...

Oh, don't tell Bode. He will be so jealous!