Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saving up for college...

So the people who bought the military houses (GMH) had an essay writing contest and the topic was "My Hero". Breanna entered and won a $100 American Express cheque which will be put in her savings account. Way to go Beeder! We are so proud of you!

My Hero
My hero is my dad (Kevin Amsden). He is my hero because he is someone I always look up to when I get stuck. He is brave, funny, and kind.
The first thing I am going to tell you about my dad is where he was born. He was born in Ogden, Utah. He is one out of 10 children. He is the 8th of the 10. His parents are Greg and Dee Amsden. He is married to Amy Amsden. Kevin has 4 children. Me (Breanna), Ryan, (he is 6) Courtney, (she is 4) and Derek (he is 1). We also have 1 pet dog.
The next thing I am going to tell you about is some of the times he was brave. One time he was brave is when we were going camping and lost our dog. We were in the mountains of Colorado, so he could have gotten lost. There were bears in the area, so he could have been eaten. It was a very scary situation, but we couldn’t lose our dog! We had had her for about four years, we couldn’t lose her now! So, my dad took a backpack and headed into the woods. Luckily he returned an hour later with our dog. That was one of the times he was brave.
The next thing I am going to tell you about is his talent of being funny. Every time he goes out on the trampoline with us, he pretends he is the Fighting Kung-Fu Robot. He also has a talent of making sounds. I bet you that there is not one sound that he can’t make.
The last thing I am going to tell you about is his kindness. No matter where he is, he is always very kind. I have never heard him say a bad thing even when he is mad. If he is mad, he always ends the problem with a kind word. I think that he has something nice to say to anyone, anytime. I am glad that I have a kind dad. I can’t imagine having a mean one. A dad that yells, scolds, and says bad things all the time just wouldn’t be right for this family. Even if we did have a mean dad, I don’t think we would have him for long.
So, I hope that you enjoyed my little essay on my favorite hero. I also hope you learned something new about my dad. Thanks for reading it.


Becca said...

That is so sweet!!! It brought tears to my eyes to hear a daughter say such kind things about her father. Conrats on winning the essay! That's awesome. We love you Amsdens!!!

Ginet said...

How cute is that?! One of life's proud parent moments!

Kevin & Amy said...

Hey this is Kevin ... just for everyone's info, the Kung-Fu Robot is available for birthday parties, pizza parties, etc. Better call now though, my schedule is getting pretty packed!