Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school!

So the 20th of August was the first day of school for not one, not two but three of our children! That's right folks...Courtney is in Kindergarten. Don't worry it makes me feel older than I would like as well. The trek to the school is made interesting by all of the construction happening around us and I can truthfully say I ride uphill to school both ways and will be doing so in the rain pretty soon. We have two streets that have significant hills (well significant when I am riding a bike and towing a trailer with an almost 2 year old and frequently a 4 year old in it). I am currently taking applications for the "Thighs of Steel Program" sponsored by yours truly. I refuse to fight the traffic and pay the high gas prices so we bike to school--EVERY DAY and for me it is THREE times a day. Poor Derek tries to fit in a nap somewhere along the way. He is getting to be a pro at eating on the run and many times falls asleep in the stroller on the way home. I am enjoying my mornings and have been kept busy organizing the 200+ volunteers for our PTA. We have an absolutely amazing school and it makes up for many of the inconveniences we face living on base with new housing being built. Our recycling project is taking off as well as our adopt-a-classroom project. Hensel Phelps just committed to sponsor 10 classrooms! Yipee! Anywho...there is our update in a nutshell or maybe an eggshell since this so long...

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Junior Triathlon

So...Breanna and Ryan competed in their first triathlon this weekend! It consisted of a 50 yard swim, 1 mile bike and 1/4 mile run. Of course butterflies abounded while they were waiting for their turn but we cannot puff out of feathers enough for them doing this! Ryan took first place in his age division and Breanna took third. Way to go guys!

Now if they only had a triathlon like that for me...