Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Card Rating System

I came across this perusing the internet and couldn't stop laughing--I thought I would share. And yes, I will keep track of your score...

Card received: +5
Card received before December 1st: -1
Card received after December 25th: -1
Card is pretty, and looks nice on wall: +3
Card is glittery: +1
Card does not contain card, but only letter, so there is nothing to put up on wall: -3
Card is e-card: -5

Card includes photo or is photo card: +5
More than one photo: +2 each additional photo

Photo is non-Christmassy so will look good on fridge all year: +1
Photo is Christmassy so increases holiday feeling of card: +1

Red-eye causes family to appear possessed by evil Christmas spirit: -1
Photo was taken on beach this past summer in summer clothing, so family looks chilly against winter pattern of card: -1
Photo includes dogs with glowing eyes who seem poised to eat humans: -1

Card includes letter: +5
Letter is informative and interesting: +3
Letter describes child as "amazing" or "already an avid reader at age 3!": -3 each
Letter is so braggy and saccharine-cheery, I wonder why I associate with these people: -3
Letter is so very braggy and saccharine-cheery, it crosses over into comical and becomes fun to read aloud in an unkind tone of voice: +2
Letter is a sermon disguised as a Christmas letter, and contains pious hopes for our country, for mankind, and for me personally: -5
Letter mentions details of gross surgery: -1 or +1, depending on entertainment value
Letter contains thinly-veiled family gossip: +3
Letter contains information that should have been told earlier: -2

Card includes check: +5
Large check: +10

Card includes announcement of pregnancy: +10
Card from Christmas Card Friends contains surprising news of baby born since last card sent: +10

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let's Say Thanks! Thank you Xerox

What a great idea...

Thanksgiving 2008 San Diego, CA

This year we decided to make a run for the border and went to San Diego. We visited Sea World, the Little Italy district, the USS Midway aircraft carrier and the inside of our hotel room since three out of the six of us either got the flu or food poisoning--eew! The silver lining on that one is that I didn't have to wash the sheets! Hee Hee.

Enjoy the holidays!