Sunday, December 6, 2009

So as I was perusing through all of our other favorite blogs after the kids were to bed the other night, I was relieved to know that our blog was not the only one which had been neglected. A once a month post seems to be about my average, and considering everything going on I feel pretty good about that. Some updates...we are down to 9 weeks left with this pregnancy and Kevin and I were able to have a getaway to Monterey Bay, CA while he was doing some work up there, we headed to Sea World and Disneyland for Thanksgiving and had an absolute blast (Kevin was able to take some time off from his internship to come home), we found out we are moving next summer, and it is almost time for Christmas Break! Here are some pictures describing our adventures with more than words...
1) Kevin and the kids won a pie eating contest at our hotel in San Diego
2) Disneyland
3) Watching Shamu at Sea World
4) Listening to a barbershop quartet at Disneyland and resting our tired feet
5) Kevin and I were able to have a "babymoon" in Monterey, CA


AtoZ said...

What a cute family. So happy that you could get some time together. I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Thanks for updating your blog. I love catching up on what is going on with the family.

Jessica said...

You really have just 9 weeks left?! You look amazing!

Cristi said...

where are you moving?