Thursday, January 21, 2010


So as our lives are about to get turned upside down once again with our new addition wanting to make her entrance, I thought I had better post a quick update so as not to appear that I am totally slacking.

1. I have run out of things to clean. Everything from inside the washing machine to the silverware drawer has been done.
2. The rainy weather has been fabulous and I love the change.
3. Bending is a graceful movement that I took for granted for too long. Yes I am 37 weeks and little Audrey will most likely come soon. She just has to wait for Grandma Dee to get here from New York. Hold on for 4 more days, baby!
4. Courtney lost her first tooth. She was so excited and her second one is wiggling its way out to follow suit.
5. Ryan has fallen in love with skateboarding and we make our way to the skate park every weekend it seems.
6. Home is where the Air Force sends update on this one would be nice.
7. Breanna has developed a taste for "Hobbit Food" and quizzes us every night on new things she has learned reading "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit."
8. Derek is now yelling "Fire in the Hole!" every time he pees in the toilet. Hilarious!
9. Kevin is now an all weather runner as he ran in the drenching rain this morning with his squadron. You go honey! I will join you in...sigh, not soon enough. :)
10. Our last trip to Disneyland is fast approaching and I am already saddened at the thought of having to leave our "Happy Place" this summer. Bummer.


Jessica said...

I love reading your updates and Morg & I were excited to see that you're newest little one will be named Audrey!!!

I'm bummed for you...having to move away from Disneyland should never have to happen.

Valeri said...

I love the one of Derek. And I thought that first one was Breanna, but it's Courtney! Your kids have changed so much!

Amy, you've got all the right curves in all the right places! You look great!