Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The madness that we call life...

So here we are back in Colorado Springs, back in our house and have almost removed all traces of our renters. :) Three of our children start their 2010 school year tomorrow, one starts preschool this year and Audrey and I will get some time to enjoy her infancy. I am once again consumed with couponing and getting our food budget back down to $250 a month, Kevin is going to start teaching at PPCC again and is dreaming of his DARPA days.

Breanna is considering playing the cello and all I have to say is "You go girl!" The only drawback...the thing is a monster to carry around. All the kiddos are involved in gymnastics and piano, Courtney is exploring ballet, Ryan is wanting to do Cross Country again and Derek LOVES to ride his bike. I have a feeling he will be going to two wheels here pretty darn soon. Audrey is sitting up, and is still just a petite little beauty. Her hair seems to have some curl to it which we are super excited for and adores sweet peas. We have a new photo website--I have to give you access to get to it, so if you would like to keep updated with us, just let me know.