Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fool's Day

I don't get giddy over every holiday, but April Fool's Day is one that I do look forward to. :) Our kiddos never know what to expect and tomorrow will be no exception... the dough is kneading, the sauce is simmering, the olives are sliced, cheese is grated and tomorrow morning our munchkins will wake to the smell of Delicious, homemade pizza. I can hardly wait.


AtoZ said...

We are having pizza for dinner tonight. Homemade pizza Friday nights are the best. The better April Fool's joke would be to cook the pizza for breakfast but then not give it to them and offer them cold cereal. April Fool's on them.

Josh said...

So THAT's what I was smelling all the way down the street ... mmmm ... pizza for breakfast! :)