Sunday, March 20, 2011

A growing experience

So when our choir performs, I always have butterflies hours before. Thankfully I have gotten past the point of not sleeping at night and I do get a good night's rest, but right now, right at this moment, the butterflies are churning. I am running through the piece in my head page by page, remembering breath marks, slurs, ritardandos, dimuendos, etc. But the trickiest is when one section of voices is holding and the other is beginning---cutting one off, keeping the other going, two hands, four sections of voices. I think I may need those octopus arms a bit sooner than later.


Josh said...

These comments are not entirely "objective" but ...
- YOU did great!
- The choir sounded AMAZING !!!
- And the spirit the piece brought into Sacrament Meeting was so strong and inspiring!

I hope your butterflies are long gone and that you are more than pleased with the outcome.

AtoZ said...

I have to say that when I was reading this post and you wrote "breath marks" I read "birth marks" and was like "I'm not familiar with that mark in music". It is getting late and I should go to bed. But it did make me laugh.