Monday, March 7, 2011

In an effort to get my beloved spouse blogging

I had this fleeting thought yesterday... it would be super awesome if Kevin would post a few blog entries from Japan. I know several men who blog and I find it very entertaining to read their posts. Kevin is a smart guy with awesome insights...maybe he should give it a whack. So I broached the idea with him last night and I was informed that our blog was too "foo foo" for him to post on. Hence the stripes. Here you go Kev... a manly blog with a feminine touch just for you! :)


Timani said...

Guaranteed belly laugh if Kevin blogged!

The polka dot still might be a tad bit "foo foo" for such a manly man. :)

Josh said...

A man who is confident in his status as a "manly man" (a.k.a "Kevin") should be confident enough to write a blog with a pink background and all sorts of flowers and baby stuff!

Man up "wonder twin!" :)