Monday, March 21, 2011

The women's locker room

I know the title is a little "risque"; however, today was a crazy day in the women's locker room at the Y! I don't know if it was because it was Spring Break for District 20 or what the deal-i-o was but when I entered this morning at 8:20 AM there were blowdryers running, curling irons steaming, showers pouring, women everywhere (thankfully dressed in towels) but it was just busy! And then as I was hopping on the scale, I noticed the scent of all the body lotions and hair products was quite nice and then I thought to myself... I bet the men's locker room doesn't smell like this. I will take the craziness if I can have the nice smell anyday. Tough luck my manly friends. I guess you could break out the AXE body spray. :)


Lisa Marc said...

Marc has mentioned many a time how lucky he is b/c I smell so many lotions and stuff. I'm sure the men's locker room isn't half as smelly good!

Josh said...

There are not words (thankfully) to describe the odor (and sights ... shudder) of ANY men's locker room.

What on earth do you women see in us anyway?! :)