Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day for bargain hunting

It came. My first issue to Reader's Digest and also Family Fun! Now you might ask, okay, whoop de dooo... well, I got my subscription to Reader's Digest for under $4 a year and $3 a year for Family Fun. I have always looked for deals on ANYTHING I purchase, but I hadn't ventured into the magazine world until I discovered I was initially worried that the websites I went through were not all they cracked themselves up to be, but it's official---I am now in their monthly database. Since purchasing those two magainzes, I have found Taste of Home for $4 a year, National Geographic for $10 a year and Oxygen for $4.95 a year. Dude. What else do I want to read?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Easter Sunday

So Easter this year was one that will probably fade away quickly. We did have a fabulous day with our friends on Saturday but one huge element was missing... Kevin. However, we woke up Saturday morning to a huge surprise... an "Easter Bunny" left us a basket full of goodies! Whomever did this knows our family incredibly well. What I couldn't get over was several months ago we noticed a family playing "Go Fish" with their children in a restaurant while waiting for their food. I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of that before so I went on a hunt for a "Cars" Go Fish game. Couldn't find one anywhere...what was in the basket? Amongst games for the older children, Weebles for Audrey, cookies ready to be decorated, beautiful flowers for the girl's hair, a CD for me was a Go Fish "Cars" game! I couldn't believe it! It was awesome. It made my day to be remembered by someone who knows our family so well. Thank you.. whomever you are. We look forward to having many picnics with the basket you left. :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So pretty much from the time I got myself ready for the day this morning until right this very minute, I have been doing service for others... mainly my children, but others as well. As parents, I believe that the majority of our time does, and should, be focused on our children. In focusing on service to others, outside of our family, the mix of people in this planet we all share is incredible. No two of us are alike and it is a huge growing experience to try and make all the pieces of the puzzle work together in harmony. One person's needs or wants do not fulfill another persons, ideas are interpreted differently across the board, harmony is sought for but rarely achieved in a complete fashion. It's just plain tough to do the right thing for everyone, and then you sit and reflect on the day and wonder who filled your cup?

Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I went to my first ever consignment sale today and must say it was worth the trip. After Derek was born, we gave away a good portion of our girl clothes so when Audrey came along, new clothes were needed. So... I decided to venture out. Pretty cool... people get to make money off of their baby clothes, I get a great deal and Audrey is dressed as cute as can be. I think it is every mother's dream to have their baby dolled up every day, but the vast majority of the population certainly can't afford high end retail outfits every day. And we all know those babies only wear those clothes for maybe 6 months. Would I go if I didn't have a baby under 2? Probably not, but since I do, it kept me occupied for a few hours on a Saturday. By the way... two weeks and 6 days left! Wahoo!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A faithful companion

As I was walking to the kitchen to check on lunch, I heard the sound of the Amsden Family's faithful companion---Ginny, our Jack Russell Terrier following me. I will be the first to admit and our children will always have priority over our dog; however, she bring to our family a joy (most of the time) that we have never seen with other dogs. For intance, since Kevin has been deployed she needs her time to Skype with Kevin. Call me crazy, but she still needs to know that he is still around and loves her. Unfortunately, she doesn't get wrestled around quite as much with him gone, but we do our best to turn her into "White Lightning" around the house where she runs around like a "Crazy Dog" and subsequently throws the kids into fits of hysterical laughter. She greets us at the door when we come home, rids our yard and garage of mice, becomes an electric blanket for the children at night and gives me a sense of security knowing that her hearing is better than mine sometimes. She is predictable, loving and genuinely a great fit into our family.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Library Due Dates

So library due dates are really just suggestions aren't they? I mean for .10 a day I can keep the item and return it when it is convenient for me or I can drive to the library, use a gallon of gasoline and feel as though I have stayed within the library rules. What is up with a one week "borrowing" time of DVD's? "How It's Made" is meant to be kept for longer than that so we can attempt to make everything ourselves, right? So right now, I am in the overdue status... it's creepy and I kind of don't like it knowing that I am making an educated decision to keep something past the due date (I am NOT a procrastinator or later turner inner.) But money does talk and I will pay our $1 late fee so I can save almost $4 in gasoline. So is life when the government can't agree on a budget, eh?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


As Kevin and I (lately just myself since Kevin is a few miles away) are out in public with our children, we sometimes get comments about how large our family is. Now, I never imagined I would have a family this large and my mother and father would probably agree with the fact that THEY never thought I would have a family this large since I only have one sibling; nevertheless, Kevin and I have five beautiful children. Not a single surprise pregnancy, either. (We did pay attention in Health class in middle school.) My question is this... if you don't know Kevin or I from Adam and Eve why would you feel it is your privledge to become privvy to the knowledge of if we are having any more children? Have we ever invited you into our bedroom? Have we inquired why you chose to only have one or no children? Just wondering if there is some etiquette book out there that I missed in high school or college? Maybe I missed it in the Reader's Digest or "Ask Heloise" in Good Housekeeping...I chalk it up to mere curiosity, but it still baffles me...