Thursday, April 7, 2011

Library Due Dates

So library due dates are really just suggestions aren't they? I mean for .10 a day I can keep the item and return it when it is convenient for me or I can drive to the library, use a gallon of gasoline and feel as though I have stayed within the library rules. What is up with a one week "borrowing" time of DVD's? "How It's Made" is meant to be kept for longer than that so we can attempt to make everything ourselves, right? So right now, I am in the overdue status... it's creepy and I kind of don't like it knowing that I am making an educated decision to keep something past the due date (I am NOT a procrastinator or later turner inner.) But money does talk and I will pay our $1 late fee so I can save almost $4 in gasoline. So is life when the government can't agree on a budget, eh?


The Cole's said...

Our local library allows you to renew items online...super convenient. Wish the government catered so well to it's tax-paying customers!

Josh said...

I think I am going to have to create business cards with that title on them: Later Turner Inner

Sounds catchy! :)