Sunday, April 17, 2011


So pretty much from the time I got myself ready for the day this morning until right this very minute, I have been doing service for others... mainly my children, but others as well. As parents, I believe that the majority of our time does, and should, be focused on our children. In focusing on service to others, outside of our family, the mix of people in this planet we all share is incredible. No two of us are alike and it is a huge growing experience to try and make all the pieces of the puzzle work together in harmony. One person's needs or wants do not fulfill another persons, ideas are interpreted differently across the board, harmony is sought for but rarely achieved in a complete fashion. It's just plain tough to do the right thing for everyone, and then you sit and reflect on the day and wonder who filled your cup?


The Cole's said...

Such wise words! Living with our in-laws has most definitely brought this more fully to light!

Josh said...

Thanks for the inspiring words. I've been feeling "served" more than the giver of service lately and I think I'd rather do the giving! :)