Monday, May 23, 2011

Sharing a meal...

Kevin and I are social beings. Always have been. Always will be. One of our favorite things to do as a family is to have a meal with another family. Now, granted, that other family needs to have certain attributes which will compliment ours---an awesome sense of humor, only a slight level of shyness, a wild, spontaneous side, moderately similar food tastes and a good amount of forgiveness and understanding for all of the craziness which will transpire during the dinner. Bonus features include: children the same age, close proximity to our house, being able to read Amy's imaginary reader board, being able to be a night owl, and a love of killer UNO. Now that the precendents have been laid for our dinner guests the point of this blog is simply this... a meal tastes better when shared with friends. Hands down. Doesn't matter if it is cold cereal, filet mignon or a five course meal. Not only does it help my taste buds to savor every flavor but it creates awesome memories that we always treasure and remember. Some of our fondest memories are from 12 years ago when we swapped dinner once a week with some dear friends who lived in the same apartment complex as us. Still use many of her recipies. Still visit and stay with them when we head to Utah. Still love them to pieces. When would you like to share a meal?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting down the peanuts

So, honestly I am blogging right now to force myself to put down Planters Sweet 'N Crunchy peanuts which I am obesessed with right now. I just can's stop eating them, so if I type then I can't open the can, pick the one out with the most sugar coating, pop it on my mouth and chew through the candy coated shell to the.... peanut. Actually cashews are my favorite nut, but any nut candy coated is automatically my favorite. I love those Farmer's Market stands where they roast or coat the nuts right before your eyes with any flavor... cinnamon, cinnamon and sugar, toffee, chipotle and lime, you name it. Delish. My craving is gone. Thank you for helping me so I don't have to run an additional two miles tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More summers than most

As I have been cruising through blogs, facebook stats, memoirs, etc., I noticed a common trend... Kevin and I have been married longer than most of our friends. It may be only by a couple months, but it is still longer. Should I feel old? Should I feel seasoned? Should I hope that in those longer years and more summers of being married that we are able to pass on to our younger comrades the secrets of marriage that we have discovered? Nah... all you younguns get to figure it out for yourselves. :) We will just sit back with our front row tickets and enjoy the show of ya'll sifting through what we already know.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Makes for some excitement in cooking...

So during our staycation Kevin and I decided to just do some window shopping since we had no kiddos in tow and could browse as long as we wanted to. We started at a strip mall location and then discovered that it was freaking cold! We ditched half of the shops and ate some warm yummies at Panera Bread. We then ventured on to one of my favorite places lately... Penzeys Spices. I just love the smell of the store when I enter the door and then the culinary creative part of my brain just goes wild. Mexican Vanilla, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Garam Marsala blend, India Tellecherry Peppercorns, China Ginger... the list contines on for oodles of time. I am now salivating. I would fit well into Pavlov's expriment. Looking for some taste testers.... :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Could I do it again?

As Kevin has returned home from his deployment, I often reflect back on those six months that he was gone and most of the time I say to myself, "Man! Those went by quickly!" but then I stop to think about each of the individual months and realize that many days were more than difficult. Many days were unbearable. Not because the children had a hard day but because he was missing so many memories with the children and I. Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2010, New Years, Audrey's first birthday, Derek's 4th birthday, Kevin's birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, April Fool's Day, children's events, choir performances were all done without him present. The day came and went and we made it through but I would never choose to do it again if I had the choice. Could we do it again? Absolutely! Would we ever want to? No.
For those of you whose spouses are still deployed you have my heart. You have my compassion. You have my strength when you need it. For those of you whose spouses will deploy, you have my ability to listen, to cry with you, to laugh with you and to buoy you up when you need it. Take from my experience what you need and want. I am more than willing to give anything to help someone through what I experienced.

We may have to go through a deployment sometime in the next eight years. Will I be better prepared for it? I hope so, but I also do not believe that we can ever prepare ourselves fully for the emptiness you feel when your companion is so far away. I love our country, I love my husband and for the sacrifices he makes for what he believes in and for our family. His perspective is amazing and constant. I am so happy he is home. I am once again complete.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I might never understand

As I was hanging out our American flag today I noticed that we were the only house on our street that had an American flag out. I thought it might be because it was a wee bit early in the morning, but as the day progressed, flags failed to make their appearance on the front doorstep of any house on our street. It saddened me. As I remember living on base in California EVERY house had an American flag waving on almost every day of the year. The base housing office even installed flag holders on every house. I sit and reflect on this and wonder why we are the odd man out on the block? Is it because we have to spend money and time on a flag? Many people spend the money and time to purchase and set up a flag for sports teams outside their houses... why not the flag of our country? I will probably never understand why since it is part of who I am. But if you don't have a flag waving outside your front door, may I suggest you invest the time and money to show your support for the great nation so many men and women are fighting for? Just a thought. :)