Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More summers than most

As I have been cruising through blogs, facebook stats, memoirs, etc., I noticed a common trend... Kevin and I have been married longer than most of our friends. It may be only by a couple months, but it is still longer. Should I feel old? Should I feel seasoned? Should I hope that in those longer years and more summers of being married that we are able to pass on to our younger comrades the secrets of marriage that we have discovered? Nah... all you younguns get to figure it out for yourselves. :) We will just sit back with our front row tickets and enjoy the show of ya'll sifting through what we already know.


Michelle said...

We've got you beat. It's downright frightening to me to note that if we had had kids right away, we would have a child driving this summer. Yikes!

Josh said...

You've got us by two years, but I think if you subtract out all the "away" time with Kevin being deployed, etc. we'd have you beat! :)

Either way, it is fun to watch these younguns learn for themselves!