Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting down the peanuts

So, honestly I am blogging right now to force myself to put down Planters Sweet 'N Crunchy peanuts which I am obesessed with right now. I just can's stop eating them, so if I type then I can't open the can, pick the one out with the most sugar coating, pop it on my mouth and chew through the candy coated shell to the.... peanut. Actually cashews are my favorite nut, but any nut candy coated is automatically my favorite. I love those Farmer's Market stands where they roast or coat the nuts right before your eyes with any flavor... cinnamon, cinnamon and sugar, toffee, chipotle and lime, you name it. Delish. My craving is gone. Thank you for helping me so I don't have to run an additional two miles tomorrow.

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Josh said...

Mmmmm ... I love those cinnamon crunch almonds you can get at various places! The ones at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur are always a must have each year when we go. Yum! :)