Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The mailboxes

As I was returning from the mail today, I had this fleeting thought... with over 100 houses sharing the same location for their mailbox why do I never see another soul when I am gathering my mail? People collect their mail often, one would assume, since important documents do still come through snail mail; so, where have they gone? Didn't see anyone yesterday or the day before. I see the mailman every once in a while when I am stalking him for the package I am anxiously awaiting, but I never see another resident collecting their mail. Is it because of the time I go? I don't think so as it varies from day to day. Curious to know if your mailboxes are a gathering place or a ghost town?


J and K's Family said...

That is weird-ours is always busy :).

Josh said...

I saw my neighbors at the mail more often when we lived in a house with individual mailboxes than now. That is a weird thing like I would normally observe and blog about. Nice one! :)