Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You know that it is summer

Summer is a time to break out the sunscreen, crank up the AC (at least my husband would love if I did that--- I am too much of a miser to have it on too long), dust off the coolers, grab the picnic basket and tune up the bikes. As I was driving our neighborhood I noticed many more "second vehicle" cars were parked out in the driveway and as I pulled into our driveway, our sporty Subaru was one of the ones which had been kicked out of the shady, weather protected garage space now occupied by 6 bicycles and a Chariot stroller. It. Is. Summer. Time for the fearless escapades of Ryan and Derek as they tear down the Balance Circle sidewalk like it is the Indy 500 with little care for any obstacles in their way. Time to get the bahooka reconditioned for the ever slim bicycle seat which I swear is made of hard plastic most days. But most of all, it is time to create those lazy summer day memories that I know I will cherish in seven years when Breanna has flown the nest and is headed to college. Now if I could only find that perfect swimsuit...


The Cole's said...

Best swimsuits ever!


Josh said...

I take it my driveway is one of those you are mentioning when you say "second vehicle cars parked in the driveway" to make room for the bikes, stroller, etc.

So very, very true! You can tell it is summertime! :)