Monday, July 18, 2011

I have two gears

Most bicycles (except beginning bicycles) have at least 5-8 gears. Motorcycles have usually 5, a manual transmission on a car-- 5, a semi truck diesel-- many more than five. Things that go and work have many gears. I have two. That's it folks-- two. High gear and reverse. For most machines you have to slow down or completely stop to switch from a forward gear to a reverse to avoid doing irrepairable damage. Not me. Switched in an instant. As this is our month of vacationing, I get to flip between those to gears several times and I love them both. An old slogan, which was obviously catchy said something to the effect of, "We get more things done before 6 AM than most people do all day." That is me in high gear---every day, all day until my head hits that pillow. I wouldn't have it any other way. I am sincerely appreciative of the fact; however, that I can leave for a week with my family to the Colorado Rockies without having ANY screens or electronic devices used. Samsung, Nintendo and Motorola all found themselves absolutely obsolete, as they will again in the near future, while we enjoyed the bond we have created as a family unit. I look forward to being in reverse for no other reason than to just watch my blessings splash and get covered in mud while enjoying a free flowing river. While I see Audrey discover a wildflower or pokey weed for the first time. While I watch our children devour the campfire S'mores with marshmallows carefully burned. High gear can wait for a few days...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Too smart for her own good

Apparently, you will be privledged to read posts about both of our pets... you met Max last week and now you get to meet Ginny. Ginny is our Jack Russell Terrier. She is 8 years old and we have had her in our family for 7. She is an amazing family companion and too smart for her own good. Case in point... yesterday we went to Eitch Gardens with Derek and Audrey (the older three are at summer camp). We left her in the backyard with food and water. When we returned we were greeted by the typical white lightning (Ginny barreling through the kitchen) and went about emptying the car of all kid stuff. Later in the evening I was surfing through Facebook when I noticed a friend of ours who lives down the street from us had said that Ginny was out and was sitting on our front porch waiting for us to return home. She said she got her back into the backyard and had put a barrier in front of the wooden gate since that was apparently how she got out. I personally made sure that gate was closed before we left so how did she get out? This theory has yet to be proven, but we are pretty sure she learned how to hit the lever with her paw and open the gate. That is truly the only explaination. Kevin and I will test our theory in the near future and add an update but it wouldn't surprise us if our theory was proven true. This dog is one smart cookie and is so loyal to our family. Too bad they didn't have a dog park at Elitches.