Friday, August 26, 2011

My own kitchen drawer liners

Today was my step aerobics class with "Big Momma" and 32 of my friends (okay I don't know everyone, but when you sweat together you form some sort of weird bond). Last Friday was just a bad morning so I beat my step to a pulp with my frustration. Today was an incredible day and I worked my step over pretty hard because I loved the music I was working out to, loved the company I was with and had an abundant amount of energy (don't ask me where that came from after shuttling around 5 kids yesterday for two hours) but I had to keep stopping to readjust the stupid thing because the rubber footie things on the bottom are obviously not so rubbery any more and to top that off, the kitchen drawer liners (grippy thingies) which we put underneath the rubber footies have also seen better days. I believe one of my things on my "to do" list this week is to go purchase my own kitchen drawer liners and just pack them in with the rest of my gym stuff. Who would have thought that in addition to weight lifting gloves, protein bars, water bottles and towels to catch my sweat I would be adding something found underneath my dinner plates?

Friday, August 19, 2011

A change of pace

So if you have read my previous posts, you know I have two gears... reverse and high. Apparently this week, my high gear just got a turbo engine with a couple of nitric oxide boosters added as we have rolled into the athletic arena. I have few sports in which I will whole heartedly support my children participating in (I hate ending in a prepositional phrase, but I can't figure out how to change it). In fact, I have two--- swimming and running. A few of my reasons are that I want them to be good at the sport individually and not have to depend on a team for their success and the other biggie is that I want them to be able to do the sport for the rest of their lives. So this week we entered into the competetive swimming arena with Breanna and Ryan. I am not expecting Olympic swimmers; however, I believe that caring for your body has to start early and part of that is giving your heart a good workout. So swimming five days a week is now on our platter of activities. Courtney will eventually follow and as we have watched Derek learn to exhale underwater on his own (thankfully not inhale!), I am pretty sure he will be following suit when he is old enough.

I have made it through this week. It was a test. Kevin is working for our retirement to the tune of at least 16 hour days (Generals keep one hopping on both feet repeatedly) so how much I put on to my plate is solely dependant on how I can manage it all. Being exahausted at the end of the day feels great as long as I have my time to keep myself healthy in the mornings. Now I just need some suggestions on what to feed these children after practice so I don't have to keep making a fourth meal. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet My Lisa

It started about 4 years ago. We moved from Colorado Springs to Vandenberg AFB in California and we knew of the Brock family because they were moving to VAFB right along with us. We never interacted with them while we lived in Colorado Springs even though "the boys" worked together and we lived less than 7 miles apart. So we arrive in CA at practically the same time, see each other at the housing office and spontaneously invited them to go the bowling alley for lunch with us. Little did we know that it would be the beginning of the intertwining of the Brock and Amsden families. After getting to know Lisa better she discovered that I liked to run and after taking one look at her, I knew she could maneuver around the weight room pretty easily. She wanted to start running, I wanted to not be intimidated by the weight room and so it began our crazy 0430 workout schedule. Little did I know that the workouts and already built friendship would lead to knowing a person so well that we could finish each other's sentences. We were known to our husbands as "The Dangerous Duo", Crestview PTA had their world refreshed by us filling the President and Vice President roles, holiday dinners... you get the picture.
Even though the Air Force has separated us for the time being, we have remained in close contact thanks to modern technology. I could probably add texting to our cell service and then I would become a texting junkie with this woman. Maybe not such a bad idea... anywho, I always have told Lisa I expect to see her on the cover of "Oxygen" magazine one of these days and have submitted my resume to be her manager. The woman is just incredible and is one my inspirations for continuing to hit the gym every day.
I call her "My Lisa" because I have such fond memories of her. Sure, we had our ups and downs and I realize now that those moments were so intense because we cared so much for our friendship.
I post this blog because I am so proud of her. She recently was in the Potomac Cup fitness competition and she absolutely blew her competition out of the water. I am her cheering section across the miles and I wish every time she competes I could be there. Times and seasons, I know...