Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In five years

As Kevin and I were cruising Costco this weekend, we had an "aha" moment when we realized that our eldest child could be leaving the nest in five years. Yep... Breanna could be headed off to college in five years. It tore my heart in two. I broke down in tears on the display furniture right next to the holiday candy and the sherpa lined blankets. She truly was meant to be our first child as she is the peacemaker in our home, a shining example for her siblings and has been an excellent child to help raise us as parents. I figure having this "aha" moment 60 months in advance will help me accept the day she leaves the safety of her home to help the make the world a better place just by simply living in it.

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Matt said...

I've had a lot of similar aha moments lately. There are going to be some very tough, but very proud moments ahead.