Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making room in the fridge

Thursday marked our month of birthday celebrations. It begins with Ryan on the 22nd of September, I follow a week later on the 30th, Breanna follows a week later on the 7th and Courtney bring is all to a happy end on the 15th. Not kidding. Over the years, Kevin and I have often had people ask, "How did you plan all of your fall birthdays?" It is quite simple. Take the average of all four birthdays, go back nine months and you have.... Kevin's birthday. (wink, wink.) Today was Ryan's party and we had six boys coming over. I was in charge of ordering the food so I ordered six medium Domino's pizzas. Factor in Derek, Courtney, Audrey, Kevin and myself in addition to the six boys and I figured should polish off all six, no problem. Wrong. I had to make room in our fridge for FOUR pizzas! Not even 2/3 eaten pepperoni pies. FOUR entire pizzas. When did boys become so whimpy in their appetites? Do they not have hollow legs? Does one boy not eat an entire pizza by himself? Am I just jumping the gun for teenagerhood? If you need some lunch, come on over. Apparently, I have some pizza to share.

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Josh said...

I am so sad I "missed" this blog post. I totally wouldhave helped you clear out those pizzas! :)

And the birthday comment (about Kevin's b-day date) made me LOL ... and then blush a little. Ha ha!