Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A very fulfilling moment

I have blogged before about how fulfulling it has been to teach my own children to play piano and to now hear Breanna playing Chopin, Bach, Joplin and Mozart. Right on her heels are Courtney and Ryan tearing up the ivory keys and enjoying what has become an integral part of their childhood. Derek, being a most observant child, asked months ago to start learning how to play the piano. I held him off for as long as I could (he is only four) and finally caved. I sent him to another teacher. I was worried the differences of our strong opinions would make it a horrible experience and he would never want to pick up the instrument again. Today that all changed. Since the other children started school in August I have suspended his lessons to see how my schedule worked in the middle of the day. As it turns out, I just don't have an opportunity to drive him to lessons with Audrey's nap times as they stand right now. So.... I dived in. He received a rip roarin' piano lesson using 6 of his fingers on the black keys today AND it was a pleasant experience. I still can't believe we enjoyed each other's company so much. I am sure I was building it up in my head much more than it needed to be, but as a parent I never want to do anything which will have negative effects on my child. I am sure the high point of the lesson for him was getting to pick out of my candy box, but for me it was connecting with my son with a language foreign to him but one I speak, think and dream

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Josh said...

Music is a great way to connect, but I understand your concerns about the negative aspect of teaching your child.
Favorite part of this post: when you called music a "language" ... which is 100% accurate, just not something I ever thought of before.

Looks for a blog post from me about that (and maybe some other "languages" I speak!) :)