Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The meal I struggle with...

Eating correctly is a heck of a lot harder than most people realize. To top that off, I get so busy with everything running through my head that many times I forget to eat. period. Breakfast is never an issue... an instant breakfast with some whey protein and I am on my way. Dinner is with the family and I have that menu planned out for 8 weeks. Done. Lunch. sigh. Lunch. It seems as if every day I am in the never ending debate of what to eat for lunch. I don't particularly want what Derek and Audrey are eating since I just busted my butt at the gym and a corndog just ain't doin' it for me, so I am left to fend for myself. Yesterday... Grapenuts with raisins. The day before that... Grapenuts with raisins. The day before that... Chicken Caesar Salad (good day). The day before that...A Grilled Chicken Sandwich (another good day). The day before that... Life Cereal. I am seeing a trend here of cold cereal since it is fast and easy and generally (if you pick the right ones) half way decent for you. Today... grilled ham and cheese (no bread) and I am still squandering for what to give my demanding body. Panera Bread anyone?


jen b said...

I have, in the past, made a big batch of something I love in the crock pot & then frozen it in single servings to have for lunches. I have lots of healthy ideas/web sites if you are interested!

Josh said...

Funny how you mention that you get so busy you sometimes forget to eat lunch. That happens to me at work all the time!
I now keep peanut butter and honey along with a loaf of bread, in my desk at work. It's not the most satisfying, but it keeps me from being tempted to supplement with the abundance of chocolate and candy that always seems to be around (see: on my neighbor's desks).
PS -- You know I love cold cereal for lunch! :)