Thursday, November 17, 2011


It is 8:41 PM. 

The children have been asleep for a while.

I am waiting for Kevin and Breanna to return home from her Youth Symphony practice. 

I am seriously craving Panda Express Beijing Beef right now.

I don't want to move my body in any shape or fashion since the last two days my "never ceases to amaze, surprise or let me be lethargic" group exercise trainer has generously helped me rediscover muscle groups all over my body (not complaining mind you, but this is my blog and MY time with my thoughts you are casually reading.)

It baffles me that owners or property managers will rent a home without a refrigerator. 

Why in the world would you put a high school, two elementary schools, a day care facility and a home development all together and not put in a stop light but offer a four way stop which allows drivers to show their idiotic decision making skills all hours of the day?

Alabama is growing on me.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the dessert part.  The many, many dessert parts. 

I have a whole stack of magazines glaring their cover stories at me off to the right of where I sit.  Wonder when they will get read?  Chuckle, chuckle. 

Why do we not have snow?  I despise brownness.  This is probably why I love California so much.  It is always green.  If it is going to be brown and cold, cover it with white.

I feel like baking a pie for some of my favorite people.  I am plumb out of apples, however.  Drats.



Josh said...

I believe I can find some apples so you can bake your favorite people a pie. Unless we're not some of your favorite people ... then all I have is brown bananas. :)

Kevin_A said...

Hmm, apple pie, games and a movie with the Cases ... sounds like we just made plans for the weekend!