Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amsden Family Christmas Letter 2011

So our Christmas cards were sent through a fabulous company this year which made the cards, addressed and stamped them all for us without having to lift a finger past entering all of the addresses.  The only downside was that we couldn't include our traditional Christmas letter, so we get to insert that in our blog like last year. Here goes nuttin'...

Kevin... enjoyed Okinawa to its fullest until he returned home to us from his deployment in May. He loved the culture, people and especially the Sushi. He is currently working as an Executive Officer for one of the Generals at Peterson AFB and was recently picked up for the Air Force's Scientific Advisory Board (you can read more about that on his Facebook page.) We found out the Air Force will be taking us to Alabama next July and I am quite sure Kevin will finally meet his goal of running a marathon while we are there.

Amy...continues to run a well-oiled machine while teaching 25 piano students. She also loves to delve into her teaching roots at the children's school every once in a while and has lovingly assumed the name "gym rat" from some of her closest friends. The highlight of her year was going to Disneyland sans children and playing from sun up to sun down pausing only to get pictures with the characters roaming the park. She is already planning our trip to Walt Disney World...

Breanna...she auditioned for the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony with her trumpet last spring and is thoroughly enjoying her experience. She has also decided to become part fish by competing with a local swim team and continues to test our word knowledge daily.

Ryan...he decided to become a flautist (a person who plays the flute) and is loving the instrument! He has also embarked on competing with the swim team and discovered the beauty of "Dep" gel this year.

Courtney...she has taken off with her piano instruction and has formed gills as well (swimming with the swim team.) She was teaching Audrey ballet positions tonight and consistently has matching accessories laid out the night before for her school uniform.

Derek... he continues to be Derek and we love him for it! It also appears he will try his hand at Water Polo when he is old enough as we can never find that boy once he touches the water. He started preschool this year and is so excited to be in Kindergarten next year. Amy has been given instructions just to drop him off at the door his first day of Kindergarten. Oh brother.

Audrey...our little Cricket is turning two in January! She absolutely adores her siblings and her love is certainly returned. While she is our littlest member, she can certainly hold her own---don't let the cute curly hair fool you!

As always, our year has been eventful and full of love, experience and trials given to strengthen us. We absolutely love keeping track of all of you via Facebook, Christmas cards/letters, phone calls and emails. Our lives are so blessed because of you. May we all remember the reason for the season.

The Amsden Family

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