Monday, July 30, 2012

Things are just different

So my posts regarding our time here in Alabama are not going to be ones tearing apart how things are done down here.  I want to record them basically so I can remember our experience years down the road.  Things are just done differently...that's all.  My first and weekly reminder of something done differently is trash pick up.  I thought it was strange in Colorado that trash pick up was privatized and we had to basically get our own bids for someone to remove our garbage, California I loved because of the huge recycling and green waste push and Montana and Utah were pretty standard.  What is so different here?  There are no trash cans, my friends.  I kid you not... no one has the standard 96 gallon trash can with the heavy duty wheels and indestructible plastic.  How do we take care of our garbage?  Well we put everything in bags and take it down to the street of course three times a week.  No more throwing dirty diapers into the trash can outside or having that stray piece of garbage tossed into the can, oh no... it must be bagged.  And then it just sits by the curb until the workers come to collect it. Strangest thing I have ever seen.  Oh and black bags are recommended because the birds get into those white ones.  Good thing I made that Costco purchase of WHITE trash can liners before we left Colorado thinking I was being so efficient.  What can I say?  The birds love me. :)

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Amber M. said...

My personal favorite was when I asked our property manager about recycling. Dead silence. Then she says (I kid you not), "We don't really do that here."