Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shoulders, sidewalks and busses

I know this title of my post is incredibly random, or at least I made it appear as such.  They are all actually related and here is how...  In trying to figure out, as a family, how to get everyone to four different schools, Breanna offered to ride her bike to school since we are only 2 miles away.  Huge round of applause for our brave daughter and it made me love her even more (if that is possible).  One big problem.  There are no sidewalks in this town except in the downtown area and in some parts of the "east side."  If there is a sidewalk, it is generally only on one side of the street.  Not only are there no sidewalks, but there isn't even a shoulder off either side of the road to ride on.  To illustrate the safety hazards of such a roadway, Kevin had to go out and purchase some fluorescent yellow and green running shirts so he didn't get knocked off on one of his runs since he now runs with the traffic and is sometimes faster than some of the "moving" vehicles. :)  What this town does have is a massive bussing system to rival those of any other place we have lived.  To inquire about bussing times, routes, etc I have the powerful tool of the bus driver's personal phone number.  Quite convenient, I must say.  The bus drivers own the road, any inch of asphalt on the side of the road as well as the dirt and plants that dare to grow near the bus path.  It is actually a good afternoon of entertainment as I sit idiling waiting for my turn to pick up our children and I think I have figured out all of the hand signals the traffic directors use, too. Little do they know that I am privy to their secret language!  Mu-ha-ha-ha.

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