Friday, September 28, 2012

Not so "green"

When we moved to California a group of us in the PTA started a massive recycling project at the school on base which has since brought in thousands of dollars due to California's CRV refund project.  It is still up and running.  We had the support of the principal, staff and Santa Barbara county.  It rocked. 

In Colorado, we had to pay $3 a month to recycle.  That is less than one footlong at Subway.  Deal. 

In Alabama, the response I got when I inquired about recycling was, "Well, we don't really do that here."  I just about dropped the phone.  I tried for 6 weeks to just ignore the recycling symbol on all of my plastic, cardboard and glass containers.  At the end of six weeks, I just couldn't do it anymore.  I thought of everything I preached to the school parents in California and the reminders I gave to my friends in Colorado and just had to find a way to "do my part" here in this beautiful state.  My solution?  Kevin.  He is now our recycling man.  A couple times a week, he drops by the recycling center at Maxwell and empties our bins of recyclables.  When he was gone last week, I ventured over to the Prattville Recycling Center to find an unmanned, detached semi truck trailer with what looked to be recycling materials in it.  I looked around to see if I needed to sort it, but finally determined that I was just to throw it in the truck.  Sweet. Done. 

As I was driving home, however, I noticed so many recyclables waiting to be picked up with the trash that it saddened me.  I  wish everyone would catch "the vision" of recycling.  Maybe someday. 

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