Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The other side of the coin

So here I sit... 39 weeks and 3 days into this pregnancy with the little man.  I have never carried a baby this long... NEVER!  36 weeks with Derek, 37 with Ryan, 38 with the three girls.  What in the world is going on folks? 

Several suggestions have been offered... since I worked out all throughout this pregnancy my body is stronger and can sustain the full 40 weeks.  I have already forewarned Kevin about the bruising he should expect after labor due to my She-woman strength, so maybe this is a viable option.

"He just isn't ready to come out yet" is another thought.  Well, at this rate, when will he be ready?  He did try flipping footling breech three weeks ago, but Kevin and I flipped him back around.  Maybe he is trying to show his will and determination or maybe he is just happy being carried around all day in a warm bath.  I seem to think it is the latter and that he is just as content as can be. 

He is waiting for Grandma Dee. She gets here on Thursday.  The day can't arrive soon enough.  I have had great anxiety over who will care for the younger children while Kevin and I are gone.  We love spending those first few days just the three of us and the thought of needing to share him does not make me happy.  So... maybe Thursday night will be the night.  Come on, Grandma!

The title for the blog post relates to the fact that in the past, I believe I have been truly insensitive to other couples in our current state.  Of course they want their baby in their arms.  Of course they know "what causes that" and of course it is obvious the baby hasn't arrived.  

We shall see.  Induction has been offered and it may very well be our option come next week, but here is to hoping for the spontaneous delivery I want!

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