Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The pink stuff is the best!

Johnson and Johnson original baby care lotion.  The pink stuff.  The baby smell.  My favorite.

With each of our children it seems to be a guessing game as to which lotion and soap their skin will have the best reaction.  (Just had to rephrase that sentence to not end with a prepositional phrase!)
With each one, the pink stuff works the best.  It can't be Baby Magic... it has to be Johnson's.  With Audrey we tried the purple "sleepytime" bottled lotion and had to quickly get her back in the bath to wash it off as she was screaming in pain from whatever didn't work with her gentle skin. 

With Ethan, we tried the yellow bottle with shea butter in it.  His skin broke out in the "baby acne" and, well, that is just not acceptable.  Babies are supposed to have the most beautiful skin.  So, we went back to the good ole' standby, trusted and true pink lotion.  No reactions, beautiful skin and a heavenly smelling baby.  Can I hope that Johnson and Johnson reads this blog and Ethan can be a model? Sure I can.  :)

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Josh said...

I never get to hold them when they are little enough to use this stuff so I'm missing out on the new baby smell. But I'm okay with that since Karen really enjoys it more than I do. Can't wait for our newest additions to meet! :)