Monday, March 4, 2013

There are benefits to living out in the "sticks"

We took our house in Prattville "sight unseen."  Pros and cons to that method of house hunting and we will probably do it again at some point as all of these houses are only our "make do" houses.  We haven't found our "place" yet; however, we are anxious to find it soon.  Anywho...

A huge "pro" to living outside of the city is that whenever I need something I either make it myself, change the menu or do without. It is a "pro" because I have to be creative and self reliant. Today's need? Hot dog buns.  When you go to Costco and purchase the club pack of Nathan's hot dogs they are definitely on the immediate menu; however, who has ever been to a Costco which does not carry hot dog buns?  I searched high and low.  Not one to be found, so we left without them.  Swimming for all three kids (at different times of course) is tonight, I have a piano student and Kevin is teaching at UAM, so it is absolutely crazy starting at 3:13 PM.  Dinner has to be easy.  Kids like hot dogs. I love Nathan's hot dogs.  Problem solved except.... no hot dog buns.  Solution?  Make them.  Seriously, how hard can it be?  We will find out in approximately 8 minutes when these puppies come out of the oven.  If I am successful, I might even try out my hand at New York Style Buns. 

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