Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

Merry Christmas from the Amsden family!  Here is just a brief update if you took the time to come to our blog … which, by the way, you can see hasn’t been touched since last year!  Yikes!
Kevin was selected for an assignment at the 50th Space Wing (Schriever AFB, CO) and he’s very excited for the new opportunity.  So, it looks like we’ll be heading to Colorado Springs again this summer, for the third time, and are very excited about only having to move 6 hours away!
Amy may soon be nicknamed “Elmer”, as she is the glue that holds everything together in our family!  She is a master planner and asking to go over the calendar is not for the faint of heart.  This pregnancy has caused her to wake early, which she uses to do a full day’s work by 8:00 am! 
Breanna has become an incredible trumpet player!  She was selected as a co-section leader (the only sophomore) and loved having “little freshman” to lead during an awesome marching band season, she made the All-State band again this year, and was selected as one of only two trumpets in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony – the top youth ensemble in New Mexico.   
Ryan is a Patrol Leader in his Boy Scout troop and was able to complete National Youth Leadership Training this summer.  He continues to excel on the French horn and made his school’s top band, as well as the Albuquerque Junior Orchestra.
Courtney has already mastered middle school and has skyrocketed on the cello!  She is one of only two sixth graders to make advanced orchestra and has managed to hold first chair for the entire school year.  Additionally, she also made the Albuquerque Junior Orchestra.
Derek is excited to be turning eight this year and looks forward to being baptized!  His love of Playmobiles and Bionicles is addicting and his soccer skills are awesome to watch.  He has turned into quite the artist and even had a piece featured in the New Mexico State Fair.
Audrey is starting to read and insists on learning the piano like her siblings.  She and Ethan are two peas in a pod and it is hilarious to watch them interact.   Her curly hair and delicate features still cause people to stop and gasp when we’re in stores.
Ethan has turned into an amazing toddler, after making us wonder if we’d EVER survive his infant years (the kid doesn’t sleep)!  He has a more extensive vocabulary then any of our kids did and he loves to yell “Aaaa-men” at the end of prayers!  His dimple remains simply adorable.
Madison  We think that will be the name our new baby girl, due to arrive March 2nd, though Amy is hoping sooner, as all of the girls have come 2 weeks early!  Regardless of her name or arrival date, she is already adored by her siblings and we all can’t wait to meet her! 
Our lives continue to be led by the Lord, for which we are grateful, and we are excited to see what path our family heads down in the next few years.   May our thoughts find your family happy, healthy and ready for a new year!
Much love,
The Amsdens

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matthew.folks said...

You guys are so Mormon and incredible. We love you! I hope that you start some Duttons/Jackson 5/Piano Guys ensamble thing. What are you doing at the 50th? If it violates some OPSEC principle, send me an email!