Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

True to last year, we are making our annual entry to our blog.  I suppose it is better than none. :)

Big events in the past year...

Madison Elizabeth joined our family in February and she is just... well amazing.  More to come about her a bit later.

We moved... again. :)  We are back in Colorado Springs for the third time and also, as fate would have it, are homeowners.  Lowe's has become a weekly location of choice and of course we almost singlehandedly support our local Costco. 

Kevin is still a space geek and is now responsible for keeping billion dollar space vehicles from crashing into each other.  Every little boy's dream. 

Amy is still the managing CEO of the circus performers we continue to employ.  She is happy to be back at the "Y" with her gym rats and she and Breanna have a rockin' piano studio. 

Breanna is a junior at Air Academy High School.  Between her grueling academic schedule, being part of the state champion marching band, lifeguarding and teaching piano we cherish every moment we have with the girl as they are becoming numbered!  Go Trumpets!

Ryan has continued to thrive musically and academically, is incredibly close to receiving his Eagle Scout award (blast those last few merit badges!) and has found a love for metal shop.  He is excited about attending Air Academy High School with Breanna next year and we will see him out on the marching field in May.  Go Horns!  Go Mellos!

Courtney seems to have the "golden touch" for pretty much anything she sets her mind to completing.  Her middle school doesn't have an orchestra program, so while continuing with cello and piano studies, she decided to pick up percussion so she can join marching band in a few years.  She and Ryan are both in jazz band and we LOVE the early morning hours that requires.  Go drum line!

Derek recently discovered a talent for acting as he was given a fairly significant part in his school play.  He also joined his older siblings in the "gifted" track at school and we love that he still has a childhood fasciniation of Legos and Playmobiles.  Of course piano continues to round our his repertoire... his second instrument has yet to be decided. :)

Audrey started Kindergarten this year and is reading everything... books, comic strips, billboards, and warning labels.  The latter has posed some interesting conversations.  She is such a gift and we love hearing her play the piano in duets with her siblings has proven to be quite satisfying as parental units. 

Ethan turns three tomorrow!  We didn't think we would survive his first year, and his second year was well.. wow.  Just wow.  We love the boy and he adds a spice of life we had not yet discovered with the others.  His ninja skills with the laundry basket are epic and the year of the three year old is looking to be just as adventurous as the other two. 

Madison is equivalent to the queen's crown jewels in our eyes.  She is adored by her siblings, the mother unit as well as the father unit.  We toted her around with us during marching season and it was so fun to have that experience with her.  If and when you meet this wee one, we think you will agree that she is just wonderful. 

May this season find you filled with hope, joy and laughter.  The light of Christ continues to shine brightly on his children and we are happy to share that sentiment with you. 

Much love,
The Amsden Family
Kevin, Amy, Breanna, Ryan, Courtney, Derek, Audrey, Ethan and Madison

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